Commission Reports & Papers


The National Commission produced a number of products during its 8 month existence.  These include:

  • A multimedia interactive presentation illustrating the events resulting in the explosion, and describing the history of offshore drilling, the response to the spill, the damages caused by the spill, and the Commission’s recommendations for what should be done to prevent future spills.
  • Two versions of the Chief Counsel’s Report  describing in detail the events leading up to the Deepwater Horizon explosion.  (Note: Both versions are large electronic files – exceeding 25MB)
    • One Version is static PDF report suitable for printing.
    • A second Version is an animated PDF version of the report.  This version can be downloaded – for information on how to obtain a copy of the file please contact us.


A full record of the Commission’s activities and documents is available at the archived Oil Spill Commission web site.